Blue Flower

Roper Scientific is able to provide high-performance CCD cameras in a wide variety of configurations, from a complete, ready-to-run camera system to a component-level, single-board CCD camera.

Our engineering team can help you rapidly integrate Roper Scientific products with your software, optical, electrical, and mechanical elements. As part of your product development process, we can provide loaner camera systems and supply you with specially priced development systems to help you reach the market as quickly as possible.

Areas of specialization: 

•Fiberoptic-coupled CCDs
•Gated, intensified CCD cameras
•Ultra-low-noise spectroscopic detectors
•Unique optomechanical interfaces
 •Custom CCD development and proprietary CCDs
•Scientific-performance cameras for commercial markets
•Mosaics of multiple CCDs for large detection areas
•High-resolution color cameras